Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Something a wee bit different from my last posting. I’m hearing more and more hoopla about the Sex in the City movie, and it just passes me by. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good show, that anyone with a more attractive (ie the softer gender) has been forced to watch a time or two.

But with a dose of admitted bias I just prefer Coupling, similar subject matter but sharper writing, more believable characters (you can usually name each character as being familiar to people in your circle), and not prudish in ways that I find SITC to be. This latter point, some people feel Coupling goes too far, but there’s nothing explicit, the language is fruity but English, and much of what they are talking about is left to your imagination through innuendo rather than bashing you over the head. See below :-

On the subject of things I don’t care for, and sensitive souls may care to cover their eyes for this as I’m about to commit heresy, I don’t like Jimmy Buffett, or the Grateful Dead for that matter, or rather I just don’t rave about them and their music produces virtually no reaction in me. The Beatles always left me cold and wondering why everyone raved about them, and I just don’t think Led Zeppelin were seminal and the Gods people make them out to be. There, I said it, this should see my Friends list on Myspace reduced to zero as everyone deletes me for being a heathen ;-)

On a more serious note, I’ve noticed a few people around me, and one in particular sink into depression, some quite serious. The holidays can create a reflection and dis-satisfaction with life that deepens, with the resultant feelings of isolation. Remember to reach out to those people, and if you are one, realize that people reaching out to you, do so because they care about you, not that they are trying to intrude on your cocoon. Embrace that first touch, and then reach out to more people. Tis the season for goodwill after all.

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