Thursday, March 27, 2008


I haven't really been recording my run times/logging miles as sessions usually include a 10-15 minute warm up which skews any pacing of effort. I know my long runs (10-14 miles) are ranging in the 8:30-9 minute per mile mark, which I'm happy with as it is a deliberate effort to go as easily as possible.

Yesterday I warmed up by running up to the post office, so my run could be two laps around the lake, which is almost on the dot 2 miles. Total time was 29:27, giving 7:30 miles, which I am ecstatic about as I wasn't going all out, just pushing a little harder than I would normally. So I am not going to make any Kenyan quake with fear, but given last year even working out and running 3 times per week I ran into problem after problem even breaking through running longer than 90 seconds run/30 seconds walk, anything over five minutes straight and shins, calves or knees would scream in agony.

The last six months have really seen incredible gains in all areas of my fitness, at 190 lbs (December) I thought I could only stand to lose another couple of pounds, maybe 5 at most. The lesson learned is when you look in the mirror at your waste and think there's 5 pounds there, there's also at least another 5 pounds stored elsewhere. 175 pounds now has me within a smidgen of where I want to be. The top two abs of the six pack are clear and defined, now for the bottom two. Though unless I am running in the woods, no one is ever likely to see them - If an ab falls in the woods, does it make a sound ?

Now just to piss Guv'ner off, and to amuse bubbleman, here's my playlist from lifting weights today (on the iPod shuffle, on random).

Spit it out - Slipknot
Monkey Business – Skid Row
Heaven’s A Lie – Lacuna Coil
Eruption/You Really Got Me – Van Halen
Fire Woman – The Cult
Shyboy – Dave Lee Roth
Sweet Sacrifice - Evanescence
Poison (Live 2006) – Alice Cooper
She Sells Sanctuary – The Cult
Looks that Kill (Live) – Motley Crue
Round and Round - Ratt
Eyes of a stranger - Queensryche

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bubbleman said...

Very nice collection of hair bands there. :) Color me jealous.

Good job on the runs, you're inspiring.