Monday, March 24, 2008

Hey Sparky...

This just amuses me, not because it was a member of Law Enforcement, but his attempts to get back up..

A quiet weekend as befits an easter holiday, with the biggest event being the discovery that I have another 20 or so baby guppies again, at least I think there are 20 or so. a) they are tiny and b) they won't hold still. So half an hour has already been spent this morning rounding them up and getting them into the little breeder floaty thing so they can be fed separately several times a day, but I've just noticed a couple of recalcitrant little buggers hiding underneath the driftwood, so I see several more attempts to get 'em rustled.

A great ride on Saturday though, just a quick two hours. At least after riding 3/4 hours the last few weekends, two suddenly seems like a quick ride, all hills. Uphill both ways it seems and always into a headwind, but the feeling was awesome, this week being a rest week, ie. much reduced training hours so my legs were due for a harder session.

Run and weights scheduled for today, and the weather could not be better, blue skies, decent temperatures and the view from my window being of green shoots, flowering pussy willow, and the geese beginning to nest, spring appears to have arrived. Of course being in the DC area, this means a couple of weeks of patchy good/bad weather and then the rains arrive for April and May.

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