Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Pregnant Catholics and Bambi

Oooh what a fun day. After the training last week I had started to plan for this week, clearing my decks of the minutiae that has been taking up way too much of my time and dealing with higher value activities (I quote). I was a man with a plan this morning, selfish to the point of rabid with my time, pushing my CEO off until it was a non prime calling time to have a meeting, then weights, lunch and admin/support before getting back on it.

It was also very cool to get back to doing what I enjoy most. Of course the arrival outside at 5pm of a couple of gentlemen with leaf blowers enforced a rapid re-think and getting some stuff lined up for tomorrow before taking a quick break. Which, by the way, when I returned from said break Jose and Jesus were busy blowing all the leaves back into the nooks and crannies that they had originally removed them from…Whisky. Tango. Foxtrot !!!!????

So anyway, back to my ‘break’. I’d lifted weights, had run and biked yesterday, but still wanted to do a little more, plus there is $250 on the line end of the months for the “Best Abs” company competition, and scarlett wants a new camera.

One of the few redeeming qualities about Comcast is that they do have a very good “On Demand” section, a quick perusal of exercise tv finding a men’s core/plyometrics/cardio workout of 24 minutes. Cool. Of course me, being me, the gentleman says to use a 5 lb ball, or 5lb or less dumbbell, so I picked up a 10 lb dumbbell – yeah, I did regret that by the end.

Only one problem, I obviously have the sense of rhythm of a pregnant catholic, and the grace of Bambi trying to walk on ice..both while on crack.

Thank the lords the blinds were shut else I think the whole neighborhood would have had the amusement value. Heck I’m have a certain grace when running, having worked long and hard on my style and efficiency, same on a bike, this however…oh my, its amazing I neither fell over nor broke anything (other than my dignity).

But hey, it did the trick, low impact and a change from just biking/running. I still feel a complete and utter wazzock though.

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