Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Frozen winky

Those living in the DC area know two things right now, its sodding cold, and its snowing. I had lunch with my CEO and one of my colleagues, so of course having missed riding early this morning due to a project taking longer than I anticipated (I ballsed it up first time round) I cycled down there. Hey 30 mins there, 40 mins back (different route), its all training miles in the bank. It looks like I timed it well as now the snow is settling outside. Also looking at the forecast for the weekend, Friday is supposed to be a wintry mix early, turning to freezing rain at lunch time, this is enough to seriously get my goat as this is a NJ weekend with the munchkin (number one son), and won’t happen if that weather comes to pass :-(

One of the great luxuries of training when its this cold, having sweat pants and a sweat shirt in the drier, nice and toasty, next stop was the microwave to heat some water for a cuppa tea. Ahhh life is good.

I added a new blogger to the roll at right, Steve Stenzel, after he left a comment yesterday on my aquarium pictures. He has two blogs, his photography really is absolutely stunning and his triathlon blog…well there are bits that are hilarious, check it out for yourselves.

I read an article the other day that caused me to sit back and think a little. The crux of the piece was asking whether you live your life in accordance with your own faith. At the heart of life our actions and behavior is defined by a set of beliefs; but how many of those beliefs are our own, and how many are as a result of taking on the beliefs, values and behaviors of others around us, not realizing that they may be the opposite of what we believe to be true about ourselves.

I know in my past, I adopted many values because of those around me, that do not fit with my values today, nor did they match my personal ethics. Since 2001 I have spent a great deal of time examining myself, my thoughts, views, faith and beliefs to become a better person, and I would add a much happier person as a result. But until this article I didn’t realize how much of my behavior did come from taking on the beliefs of others, and how opposite to that I am now.

As John Mellencamp once sang “You have to stand for something, or you will fall for anything”. I stand for being the best person I can be in every way, and strive for that each and every day in all that I do. What do you do ?

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bubbleman said...

You crack me up. You start out a blog entitled Frozen Winky...and then you finish it on such a profound note.

What do I do? I don't know honestly, I just try to be decent I guess...most times I do well, sometimes I fail.