Saturday, February 16, 2008

Up at the sparrow's fart.

Another long run in the bank. One and a half hours just after dawn this morning, each key long workout like this now putting me one step closer to being completely prepared for my goal in October.

It is also runs like this, frost on the ground, in the chill of first light that make you truly glad to be alive. From the geese who were all uppity and being woken to get out of the way, to the first rays of sun appearing over my right shoulder and reflecting off the lake.

I made my way around the trials of the golf course at the far end of the run, not a single player out, no walkers, no runners, just the solace of me and my thoughts (And Whitesnake blaring from my earphones – “In the still of the niiiiyyyeeeeeeeeeettttt !”). Like a complete and utter muppet I decided not to take my camera, soooo many good shots this morning. My favorite definitely would have been the fountain on the golf course, from 100 yards away against the light it looked fantastic, then when I was closer an even better shot presented itself. Next to the fountain is a tree, which the water hits, of course with it being frozen, the last two feet of the branches are covered in icicles, the rest of the tree not, it looked like something out of Narnia. Next time, next time.

Now for the Aquarium ! :-)

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bubbleman said...

I wasn't up and out that early, but I did a brick yesterday...ride to the HS, run around the track for a little while, ride back home. Felt great.

I'm behind on the running, but the foot is better now, so I'll catch up.

The ride home, I have 2 choices...1) my hill, or 2) about 3 miles of gradual uphill riding. Either way, it feels great when I get home. :)