Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Numb nuts

Two hands, three was never going to end well.

Hand one - document I'm reading
Hand two - cup of tea.

Add an urgent IM from my CEO, oh dear gosh it was a mess. I managed to nail both laptops, both ipod docks, a USB hub, three phones and my wireless router. Oh, and the window. Thank heavens for having a towel to hand from when I was drying off after my ride. That and a washcloth/hairdryer to get the tea out of this keyboard.

I see my little google "scarlettbueller" searcher from Verizon internet is back..same IP but Olney instead of Gaithersburg, so between those two ISP servers, I have a pretty good handle on who. Why come here regularly to read, instead of just making contact, if you are curious enough to keep checking the blog out, why not write, eh ?

I'm always amused by the people searching on 'makka pakka costume' or 'tombiloo lawsuit' that find their way here, must not be quite what they are looking for. This title should result in some merriment. Lord only knows what they think viewing a couple of Steve's posts on shaving for triathletes.

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bubbleman said...

You don't have a table you could set your tea on? Maybe me and LeaAnn can go together and get you one for Christmas.