Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stupid Fish...

Today was beautiful, sunny, no wind, blue skies, a little warmer (50ish). So of course I’m out for a run as scheduled after I made like a hamster yesterday in the basement/garage on the bike. I did keep looking outside thinking the rain will have washed away the ice accumulation, even going as far as to get cycling clothes out, but sanity prevailed, just one patch of ice coming down a hill and I’d be fairly hurt.

So its great, warmed up for twenty minutes, slipping and sliding away on the mud path on the rear of the lake to get to my interval place. It’s a gently sloping rise of 200 yards, so get to the bottom, ditch my jacket and take off like Winona Ryder with an armful of clothes in Saks, first interval fine and jog back down the slope, second one the same, third one my legs are slowing, not sore, or tired, or even that I’m out of breath, they just won’t turn over. The 4th one is the same - whiskey tango foxtrot guys, owner to legs, what gives ?

As I jog back down the slope I remember last night the 5 sets of lunges, at 4-5 reps to failure, and the 4 sets of single leg calf raises the same. Duh. So now I’ve moved my interval runs to Tuesdays, and a recovery/tempo run on Thursdays. It was weird, before and even after I could run at a nice clip with no problems, but as soon as I went to put power out..poof nothing in the tank.

The remaining 20 minutes home were awesome through the woods, I just love, love, love playing in the mud. The picture of the shoes, that was taken AFTER hosing them down :-)

Stupid Fish = Dumb Bass


The Guv'ner said...

It's true that boys never grow out of loving to get dirty.

I mean that in a literal sense! :)

Travis said...

I thought of that "Stupid Fish = Dumb Bass" too! Great mind think alike.