Friday, February 15, 2008

Dum Dum. Dum Dum. Dum Dum.

Interesting workout, it was on the schedule and I was motivated though it was my “B” workout for the day (“A” is weights and swimming this evening) but for some reason my head just wasn’t quite in it.

I completed it, and at the required training heart rate zones and effort, but I never really ignited into it. Admittedly there are a couple of work stresses, and I only slept around 7 hours fitfully last night so I’m perhaps not quite fully recovered, or maybe its knowing its just an interim workout to the key ones tomorrow and Sunday.

Oh well, can’t be fantastic every time, I’ll settle for great, or good in a pinch. This evening will be miles better as work will be over and can forget about it. As Stuart O’Grady put on wristbands for his team “HTFU” (definitely one of the hardest men in the peloton)

Tomorrow is very early am long run, then drive up to Baltimore Inner Harbor where I’ll be meeting my son for the day !. Aquarium, Outback exhibit, Rainforest, Dolphin shows, the submarine and coastguard cutter are all on the list. Any day out with a 7 year old is always an ADVENTURE.

OK, Sharks - now does the title make sense ?. Oh and that I'm swimming tonight, and as I try to be smooth in the water I cannot help but hum that to myself. Sadly Roy Scheider, the star of the Jaws films passed away this week.

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bubbleman said...

I think I took Calvin to the aquarium 3 times before we moved away. He loved it every time.

I have a picture very similar to the one in your blog. I took it with my camera in the ocean. We probably saw 100 sharks that day.