Monday, January 05, 2009

Hang free

The are good days, and there are great days.

From a very productive day at work where everything seemed to move in a positive directions, even during the phases where three things were going at once (talking on phone, IMing with CEO and resolving an issue over email), a great run at lunchtime. While we have forecast for ice storms tomorrow the temp was still high enough for just shorts and a long sleeved top, admittedly the wind was a little stronger than I anticipated but hey if its cold, run faster ;-)

Tonight's CrossFit WoD was Hang Power Cleans. Something I've never done before, so this will be another day of a PR :)

Usual warm up of an assortment of Ab and core exercises, plus the obligatory three sets of pull-ups, push ups and dips and into it.

I did a couple of sets with just the 45lb bar to practice my form before loading it up

95lbs - 3 reps
105lbs - 3 reps
115lbs - 2 reps
125lbs - failed at both attempts
115lbs - 2 reps
115lbs - 2 reps
115lbs - 2 reps

It feels good to be working out at my limits, though it only occurred to me, in a slap your forehead way as I was leaving the gym that I could have used different plates and made an attempt at 120lbs..doh !

After two days of maximal lifting, tomorrow is almost certain to be a monster rep affair...I'm chomping at the bit ! :-)

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