Sunday, January 04, 2009

Maxed out

A Personal Record weight today !!!

In the deadlift of all things.

The RX was Deadlift - 3-3-3-3-3. Which means to build up to a weight you can lift three times, and then do five sets. I've never really done much 1 or very low rep lifting so I am really not sure what my max should be. Of course this doesn't include the 3 sets of sit-ups, pull-ups, push ups, dips, squats and planks that make up the warm up (I can think of times where my warm up would have been my entire workout !).

In terms of deadlifts I've done both the stiff legged and normal variety, but always found a limiter being my lower back, despite doing a lot of core work such as planks and back/hip extensions. A look at the these great videos and the problem in my form becomes apparent.

Previous best was 105 lbs for 10 reps. So I set a goal to get to 135 lbs. The first few sets were warm ups and to fine tune my form at :-

95lb - 10 reps
105lb - 8 reps
115lb - 6 reps
135lb - 3 reps
145lb - 3 reps
155lb - 3 reps
165lb - 3 reps
175lb - 3 reps
185lb - 3 reps
195lb - 3 reps
205lb - 1 rep

It just goes to show what good form and determination in lifting can produce. That's the first time I've ever moved over 200lbs in any kind of free weight lift, and incredible feeling of achievement to lift that final rep and not feel any kind of pain, just muscles working at my limits.

I think this is the thing I like best about CrossFit, pushing beyond my mental limits. Though I would add the caveat that I have a very solid base of both lifting and working out before I started this, and also the knowledge of when I am pushing beyond my physical limits into injury pain. While I like and agree with a lot of the core philosophy, I approach it with my own beliefs on lifting, of good form, and not forcing exra reps out at all cost with very bad form, as this path leads to injury and despair. Amongst the affiliate gyms, they seem to fall into these two camps themselves, some hardcore push everyone past their physical (not mental) limits, and then others who teach good form and drive them to their limits but not beyond.

As an old member of the Tri-DRS group said "Take what you want and leave the rest", I take the workouts, and the drive to push myself but have no desire to join a CF gym and do the group workouts. My workouts are my time, a solitary competition with no one except myself, and chance to center and focus on one thing, I'm certain that having others around me and competing on time would take away my enjoyment. It was these very things that drew me to triathlon originally.

But regardless, I'm stoked about today. With today being a heavy day, tomorrow is sure to be something with lots and lots of reps.

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bubbleman said...

Those personal bests are always a treat ... or as you put it, moving more weight than you've ever moved. Regardless of the lift.

I always had a goal of benching 300, and my triathlon goal was to be able to bench 300 and squat 300 AND be aerobically fit enough to finish a tri.

The benching 300 part always eluded me. Then I just kinda snuck up on it as a course of my workout ... much like you did with the dead lift.

The first time I ever benched more than 300, I actually did 305 for 5 reps ... but didn't really think about it at first ... it was just the number to right down in my log book.

Its great to break through these little barriers and continue on. Its always inspiring.