Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Oh hell yeah

Was a little disappointed with today’s WoD, as it contained handstand push-ups (do a handstand and then do a push-up from that position), nope can’t do them. Substitution as recommended is pike push-ups, nope, can’t do them either, but its something to aim for. So I substituted Swiss Ball push-ups, with just the tips of my toes on the ball, which tied in well with an ab focus on my core today ( plank with arm raise, side plank with push through and swiss ball work single leg bridges). The other exercise was a rope climb, nope don’t have one at the gym, so substituted chin ups.

Workout looked like this for 4 circuits, best time :-

400m run
15 swiss ball push ups
15 chin ups

The runs I attacked hard as tomorrow is a rest day and have two long runs scheduled Thursday and Saturday so a day break will be good. Each of the swiss ball sets were straight through, though the last two sets required a lot of concentration and balance through my core to keep my toes level on the ball and not fall off.

The chin ups, was great, first set of 15 straight through. Second set was 11 and 4, third set 8+5+2 and last set 6+5+4.

Total time 34 minutes, most of the delay being the one minute (one and a half) between the chin up reps.

The “hell yeah” at the beginning ?

All the chin up sets were unassisted, hence the sets being broken up with rests to complete. That’s the first time I’ve managed more than 30 body weight pull ups, and an indication of my strength gains in only 3 weeks.

Three days, three GREAT workouts (plus the 10k the day before). I’m guess the workouts the rest of the week are going to be doozy big rep stuff with a lot of leg/squat work as that has been missing. I also notice a pattern, the last two 3 day blocks were long and intense, very high rep routines, this block was more heavy lifting for two days followed by short, sharp one. We shall see...

...or maybe I'll do Thursday's run tomorrow and go get muddy in the woods...yum :-)

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