Friday, January 02, 2009

Not Big

Sandwiched between “Rolling” by Limp Bizkit and “Beds are burning” by Midnight Oil during today’s workout was this little gem, she’s such a Spitfire, in that very British 'Squeeze/Beautiful South' cynical lyrics to happy sounding songs kind of way. If the mood takes you and you feel the bitterness, the lyrics are here..

Today was the end of another block of three days straight and tomorrow is (yippee) a rest day, though I’m getting the itch to go for a nice 10k trail run in the woods as I haven’t been out there in what seems like ages.

The RX was to do 135lb clean and jerk - 1 in the 1st minute, 2 in the 2nd etc..until failure.

Not knowing my single rep clean and jerk limit (come to think of it I’m not sure of any of my one rep maxes having never worked out that way), this workout seemed to not work for me, but in the spirit of doing the exercises I thought a negative progression would supply the load and work required.

I started with 75 lbs on a 45 pound bar (usually use a 25 so the extra length was interesting to balance) and did 10 reps to start and then warm up, each successive set I dropped one rep and increased the weight

75lb - 10 reps
85lb - 9 reps
95lb - 8 reps
100lb - 6 reps (think I took too short of a break interval here, and the form was bad)
105lb - 4 reps
110lb - 4 reps
115lb - 2 reps
115lb - 1 rep
115lb - 1 rep
115lb - 1 rep
115lb - 1 rep

I stopped at 115lb as this was the weight at which my form was on the edge of becoming bad, when pulling a weight from the ground to your collarbone and then pushing it overhead, a loss of balance because of form could be somewhat catastrophic in terms of injuring myself. Equally I could still feel my workout from yesterday, its better to work hard but know your limits, two less reps or 20 less pounds is better than a month or two off because you pulled something. The workout was still enough to be challenging, with each of the last one reps making me think quite hard to get the bar up. It also make me pretty happy as that is 20lbs more than I’ve managed in a standalone shoulder press, adding the total weight up, that makes 4445 lbs lifted in one exercise/workout..damn.

Though thinking about yesterday’s and pulling my calculator out and assuming my body weight = the weight lifted, the pull-ups and push-ups alone total 36,000 lbs, which can’t be right, there must be some kind of estimate. Though I can easily compare to conventional weightlifting, my muscles are more tired and feel as if they have been worked much harder.

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